Welcome to ‘It’s a Dog’s Life at Stumer’s Creek’

It’s a Dog’s Life at Stumers Creek

Hi my name is Yvonne. I’m a nature photographer. This is my first blogpost. I’m sharing some photos of a special place for dog-lovers on the Sunshine Coast. If you see your dog here, please tag, like and share via your favourite social media. There’s a comments section at the bottom of this page if you’re moved to say a few words. I will accept some photos but please, no videos.

Why Stumers Creek? Three great reasons – and two cautions.

Amenities are everything you’d need.

Five years ago, the Sunshine Coast Daily recognised Stumers Creek as a popular place for canoeists and off-leash dog-owners, but reported that the area desperately needed a facelift. Since then, Stumers Creek has been revegetated, the access road improved, and a new toilet/shower block installed. There’s an outdoor wash-off shower, plenty of parking, and even a coffee wagon at weekends. Bonus.

It’s a beautiful spot.

My daughter and I regularly take our Smithfield cattle dog, Ginger, for a romp. There’s a wonderful ‘feel’ to Stumers Creek; perhaps it’s the way the tea-coloured creek carves a river in the sand as it finally joins the sea, maybe it’s the unspoiled wildness of the paperbarks, natural vegetation and surrounding dunes, but it’s a lovely place for kids, beach-walkers, and the four-legged friends in your life.

Everyone’s so friendly.

There are several other dog parks we go to but of all of them, Stumers Creek really stands out as the best. We’ve never seen a dog fight here. Dog owners monitor their pets and are only too happy to strike up a conversation with a stranger or give another dog a friendly pat. It puts you in a good mood, watching the doggy antics, seeing the kids catching bore waves up the creek on their boogie-boards. If that wasn’t enough, tandem sky divers parachutes suddenly bloom in the sky overhead, skilfully landing right in front of you.

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Bull Sharks were sighted in the creek April 2017.

Sunshine Coast Daily reported that a local man who knows the area sighted several of these beasties after cyclone Debbie closed the creek entrance, trapping the sharks inside. The creek is open to the sea again but it’s worth having a good look around before wading in.

Council leashing regulations have been enforced in a big way.

Dog owners have recently been surprised by council workers’ manner of pouncing on any dog off-leash on the grassed area. Perhaps it was a momentary crack-down, but to avoid a fine, leash your pooch before leaving the sand. The council have a handy chart and dog map (pdf) to help you locate off-leash areas on the Sunshine Coast.

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