Photowild - Photographs by Yvonne Beck

Yvonne's passion for photography and in particular birds, nature and the great outdoors started in her 20's. At that time she had an Canon EOS RT SLR camera, but alas hard times forced the sale of the camera.

Now 30 years later, Yvonne has reignited her passion for photography and the great outdoors and with this website she hopes to be able to share her photography.

Yvonne's background has been working for a couple of Universities in South East Queensland in IT, Systems and Administration. She has also been writing and creating websites for the past 20 years, initially starting as being responsible for part of one of the websites at the the first University.

Her major website creation and maintenance now is for Wendy Holman of Fingerstyle Productions. She has been a major influence on Yvonne's continuance of website work and has thrown many curly problems at her in the past which have enhanced her knowledge. Wendy is a musician, film producer, music teacher and dealer in fine banjos and guitars.

Yvonne's other passion is music. She started in her teens playing guitar, but had a big hiatus when children were born. She later took up banjo and met Wendy. Yvonne is now playing double bass in Wendy's band Cats in Hats. YouTube vids are available via the link on Wendy's website.

Yvonne's camera equipment is a Canon EOS 7D with a 24 - 70 mm Ultrasonic lens and a Canon Zoom Lens 70 - 200 mm 1.2.8 L IS II USM. The lenses were chosen mainly because of the fast constant maximum aperture and lens stablisation.